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Kit's Canine Academy

Dog Trainer Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset


Kit's Canine Academy

Dog Trainer Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset

I bet you got a dog with the hope of giving them an amazing life, filled with adventure and affection. Sadly, the reality can feel very different if your pooch is pulling on the lead, barking at everything, or struggling to adapt to life in your home. I know how heartbreaking this is because I was you.

If you've read our About Page then you'll know that Head Trainer, Kit, has a bit of a soft spot for dogs with behaviour challenges. Kit shares their home with three fantastic rescue pups who are all happy and thriving in their new life, but that wasn't always the case for Marty, Ezra and Margot - so Kit really understands the journey you and your dog are on and is a reactivity specialist.

When working with you to modify behaviours such as reactivity, being unsettled in the home, and anxiety, I look at your dog holistically, considering their breed, age, history, diet, and needs to tailor a personalised training plan which works for you and your four-legged friend.

Using the latest in Canine Science, I provide regular training consultations, detailed written reports, video demonstrations, and unlimited telephone or message support throughout the week during business hours to help you and your dog as you journey together to achieve the partnership you dreamed of.

You can either book an initial consultation and one-off training or a full package so I can show you fun, simple, and effective ways to transform your dog’s life.

If you can't find the right package for you, give us a call or email.

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behaviour pacakges

Behaviour modification works best when we work together over a period of time to make sure your dog succeeds.

With this in mind, we've put together popular packages so we can offer you and your dog ongoing support.

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Behaviour pay-as-you go

We want all dogs and owners to be able to access training that works for them and fits in to their life, so we also have pay-as-you-go Behaviour consults available.

To find out how we can support you flexibly, click below.

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