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Qualifications and Training

We believe that dog trainers should be skilled and experienced professionals; that’s why we invest at least 10% of the business turnover back into continued professional development. We know that you want a qualified trainer who will get you real-world results, using kind, scientific, and proven methods.


Please see full details of our continued professional development below.


The School of Canine Science

Canine Nutrition

Exploring the science of canine nutrition and the impact of diet on health and behaviour.


The School of Canine Science

Fear in Dogs

Four main methods for rehabilitating fearful dogs and their practical application.

01.09.19 - 30.09.19

The School of Canine Science

30 Days of Canine Science

Blending theoretical understanding and practical application.


Canine First Aid

Dog First Aid

Life saving and emergency care for dogs in professional care.


The School of Canine Science

Puppy Development - Puppy Lab

Exploring the impact of breeding and early development on puppies temperament, health and behaviour.


Jo-rosie Haffenden

Separation Anxiety

Exercises for prevention and expertise in identifying different types of separation anxiety.


Kamal Fernandez

Harnessing Arousal

Retaining focus and accuracy when dogs are highly aroused and performing under pressure.


The School of Canine Science

The 7 Day Survival Guide - Puppy Lab

Essential puppy skills, including: sleep, equipment, feeding, teething, toys, toileting, leaving and taking.


Alex Lato - Temperament Dogs

Dog Reactivity

Understanding the science of dog reactivity and developing practical skills for rehabilitation.


Alex Lato - Temperament Dogs

Noise Sensitivity

Developing strategies to build resilience, bravery and confidence in noise sensitive dogs.


The School of Canine Science

Learning Theory - Behavourism - Puppy Lab

Dispelling myths of the behaviour paradigm and exploring practical application of the methods.


Moira Hechenleitner

Solving Separation Anxiety

The four main principles needed to assess, diagnose and rehabilitate dogs with separation anxiety.


The School of Canine Science

Six Week Puppy Course - Puppy Lab

Building a complete puppy course to teach fundamental skills, obedience and confidence for puppy and handler.


Michael Shikashio

The Bitey Side of Business

Key learning for how to handle aggression cases as a dog training professional.


The School of Canine Science

Puppy Socialisation - Puppy Lab

Introducing puppies to the world around them, including: dogs, children, humans, and other animals.


Nando Brown

A Professional's Guide to Canine Intelligence

Exploring whether animal sciences are accurately measuring canine intelligence.

17.01.21 - Ongoing

Jo-rosie Haffenden

Formal Heelwork

Learning the process for teaching a formal obedience heelwork to your dog.


Clair Hickson

People Centred Solutions for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists

Working with reactive dog owners for optimum success.


Kamal Fernandez

Stress and Frustration Inoculation in Dogs

Questioning whether stress and frustration are always negative and strategies for building tolerance.


Craig Ogilvie

Interactive Play Workshop

Developing strategies for using play as a reinforcer in training.


The School of Canine Science

The Behaviour Bible (Ongoing)

Three year comprehensive course to become a certified Canine Science Behavourist.


Tasha Shaw-Verbic

From Fearful to Fearless

Exploring cooperative care for vet and grooming in pet dogs.

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