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Our Customer

Success Stories

We know you want a dog trainer you can trust. We are really proud of the difference we make in dogs' lives.

Read some of our excellent customer stories below.



"I contacted Kit because my Gordon Setter is extremely hard work on the lead, with pulling and dog reactivity. It makes any occasion that we put the lead on her very stressful. I can honestly say after having 6 sessions with Kit we are doing so much better and both Keeva (my setter!) and I are much less stressed when out and about.

We started with a new harness, preparing to get out of the house, finding fun and tasty treats and getting to a stage where Keeva would take food as a suitable reward (something that has been tricky in the past). Then we started in small stages getting Keeva on a loose lead and I am absolutely amazed at how well Keeva has done. Whilst there is no miracle cure, with a lot of hard work, effort and time, I have seen a massive improvement. Keeva is improving constanty and I am currently (whilst in lockdown!) making sure we set our new habits in stone.

I will absolutely be going back to Kit for more sessions to help things further along, and getting help for Keeva (but mostly me!) in situations that she finds stressful, like new and busy places.

I can honestly say that Kit has been wonderful throughout the whole process so far. They've been kind, caring, included the whole family in the training process, and Keeva absolutely loves them! I feel very happy entrusting Keeva to Kit's care, and am looking forward to more sessions."

Cooper, Nala and Teddy

Nala joined her family earlier this year, but it quickly became apparent that Cooper wasn’t accepting the new addition to the house. He would chase, growl and even bite at Nala and the whole family was becoming increasingly concerned.

Thankfully, they sought help from Kit’s Canine Academy. By going slowly and using a staged behaviour modification plan, Cooper slowly came to accept Nala in the house.

When I met Cooper and Nala’s humans, all they wanted was for the three dogs to be able to peacefully co-exist. As you can see, thanks to hard work and dedication, Cooper, Teddy and Nala have exceeded all expectations and are now playing happily together.

Here’s what their wonderful human Michaela had to say:

‘I honestly never thought I could achieve any kind of harmonious relationship between these two but with Kit’s help, knowledge and constant support, we got there! Kit taught me how to better understand what they were feeling so I was able to help them become the best of friends they are today. I couldn’t have done this without you Kit!’

Introducing a new dog to the household can be challenging. If your dog struggles with other dogs, our expert knowledge of reactive pups can restore harmony to your home and walks.



"Kit was recommended to us for our 10.5 year old rescue dog who was having reactive issues after having been attacked a few times by bigger dogs while on his lead.

To say Kit worked miracles with him is no exaggeration! He started to relax around other dogs after only a couple of sessions, it really was incredible to see. Jerry has now learnt to ignore other dogs and not be as worried when they approach him which has made all our lives much easier.

We would not hesitate to use Kit in the future if needs be and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody who needs help with their dog."


"We have been doing a course of puppy classes with Kit for our young Springer Spaniel puppy Dotty.

We got in touch with Kit before we brought our dog home and they really helped set us up for success by giving us loads of information about how to set our house up, what to buy, and how to introduce our new puppy to our older dog.

The classes are fun, easy to follow and very informative. Dotty has learnt so much - and our older dog has learnt a thing or two as well. Dotty is only four months old and she is already toilet trained, isn't destructive around the house, has a great recall, can walk on a loose lead and even settle calmly on a mat. Everywhere we go, people say what a well behaved dog she is and it's such a joy.

We are really enjoying the classes and with Kit’s advice and training having Dotty has been easier and more enjoyable than I could have imagined.

Thank you so much for all of your help and going above and beyond to set us up for success. I can’t recommend Kit highly enough."

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