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Puppy on the Beach

Kit's Canine Academy

Dog Trainer Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset

Kit's Canine Academy

Dog Trainer Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset


Congratulations! You have made the exciting step of deciding to bring home a new puppy. Your life is about to be filled with love, laughter, and hopefully lots of amazing adventures.

Here at  Kit’s Canine Academy we know how frustrating it is to be turning up to training classes once per week and not feel like you are getting real-world results. That’s why we've crafted a range of puppy training which is fun, easy to follow, and – most importantly – effective.

In our group and one-to-one puppy classes, we use the latest in Canine Science to cover everything you and your puppy need to be a dream team. But, to really help you and your dog really succeed we also provide you with detailed handouts, video demonstrations, and the unlimited support of your trainer throughout the week during business hours. When you train with Kit’s Canine Academy, you become part of a community who are dedicated to helping you and your puppy become the very best team you can be.

If you can't find the right package for you, give us a call or email.

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puppy academy:


Are you looking for a weekly group class where you can learn all of the basics and make new puppy friends?

Then our Puppy Academy is the place for you and your pup.

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puppy 1:1 Training

Do you want to help your puppy get off to the best possible start in life?

We can help with one-to-one training, taylored to your puppy, lifestyle and schedule.

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welcome home

The best way to make sure your puppy grows up to be the amazing dog you are dreaming of is to prepare.

We can set your dog up for sucess before you even bring them home.

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one off training

The first few months of having a puppy can be overwhelming. Do you and your puppy need a little bit of extra support?

We can meet you at your home or out and about to help problem solve.

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